This is my island.

I live in Paradise

Why should I go anywhere else?

The Music Rocks at Cattlewash

To many people all over the world, I live in Paradise. Or that’s what they tell me about Barbados.

“Why would you want to go anywhere else?” They ask.

Well, perhaps it’s because 166 square miles of living space isn’t much for close to 300,000 people. Perhaps it’s because living in Barbados is like living in Small Town, Anywhere, The World.

Everyone knows you; your name, your personal business, your family, how you like your eggs — you get the picture. Most of this you can adjust to. For me, the issue is the physical limits of the island. I am a photographer and have been one for nearly 60 of my 67 years, and I believe that I have probably photographed everything worth photographing on this rock. I need space, I need new vistas and in the last 15 years, this has taken me to some interesting places.

The South Coast by the boardwalk.

Unfortunately, I have generally not been in a position to indulge this urge as much as I would have liked. In the last fifteen years, however, I have been lucky enough to visit a few places that many people do not see.

I started doing photo workshops, not because I felt a lack of photographic knowledge but because I need to see something different, get other people's perspectives and open my eyes to some of the rest of the world.

Things changed significantly in my life in 2003; my wife and I split up. I also realized that my kids were at the point when they would soon break out on their own, and needed little more hand-holding to make it.

In quick succession in late 2003, I spent a week in the Eastern Sierra in California and then flew directly from there to a workshop in Muskoka in Central Ontario.


Since then, I have been fortunate enough to spend time in Yosemite Valley, Rainier National Park, The Yukon, Alaska, the Colorado Rockies, and Finland. Each location has offered something different and beautiful, but I will always be drawn back home.

The Fleet — Tent Bay
Country Road
Liquid Art

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